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Where's Bearry?

By Joe Gatto, Illustrated by Luke Flowers

Published by Penguin Workshop | Sep 03, 2024 | 40 Pages | ISBN 9780593750193

Joe Gatto—comedian, actor, producer, and star of the hit series Impractical Jokers—makes his picture book debut with this hilarious and heartwarming bedtime adventure about a boy’s quest to find his missing stuffed bear, brought to life by exciting illustrations from Luke Flowers.

After a long day of play, Remo has brushed his teeth, put his pajamas on, and gotten into bed, ready to sleep. Nothing can separate him from the sweet dreams he’s about to have. Except… where’s Bearry?!

Remo NEEDS his stuffed teddy bear to sleep. Not only does Bearry protect him from monsters, spiders, and sharks, but he’s great at cuddling and keeps the bad dreams away. He’s the perfect best friend and now he’s missing!

With bedtime looming and his emotions racing, will Remo be able to take some deep breaths, calm himself, and continue his search? Or will Bearry be lost forever?

The Dogfather: My Love of Dogs, Desserts and Growing up Italian

Joe Gatto

Joe Gatto, star of the hit television show “Impractical Jokers”, gives a personal look into the life of being the alpha male of his pack of rescue dogs, the Gatto Pups. Meet his eight dogs as Joe shares stories about his furry children, along with reminiscing from his own childhood for each of the Italian desserts for which they are named.

This humorous retelling of Joe’s memories growing up Italian and adopting his dogs will leave your heart warm and your belly ready to dig into some desserts. Specifically, Cannoli, Biscotti, Tartufo, Zeppole, Spumoni, Pignoli, Napoleon and Mishkeen. Which also happen to be the names of his dogs.